Aston Martin makes pretty cool limited edition, high-performance cars with a distinct design language to differentiate it from the Italian crowd. Let’s face it, they are the name that has to make cars worthy of fictional spy supreme, James Bond. Well, some people are even more special to the British carmaker than Bond himself. One such person commissioned Aston Martin’s Q division to build a 1-of-1 special and it’s called Victor.

The Aston Martin Victor is based on the One-77 which is a rare supercar itself with only 77 units made. It features new retro-styled bodywork made of carbon fibre of course which gives it a menacing stance unlike any modern-day hypercar even. Victor’s styling cues are said to be inspired by the old-school Vantage while the multi-element taillamps are based on the design we saw on the Valkyrie.

It borrows something from the track-only Vulcan too, i.e., the steering wheel. The rest of the cabin looks bespoke with its fighter-jet styled air vents and driver’s display, both in exposed carbon fibre. There’s also a small central infotainment display above the three dial-layout for the air-con and emergency stop signal. The green and tan upholstery is a strikingly British combo that works rather well with its Pentland Green exterior. But the most eye-catching element of this exquisite cabin is the gear selector – a wooden knob atop the six-speed manual transmission. Yep, it’s a manual baby!

We know the gearbox…let’s know the engine. The Aston Martin Victor houses the same front-mounted 7.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 as the One-77. But apparently, this raucous unit was deemed lacking in power so Aston sent it over to Cosworth who seem to be the go-to V12 specialists in the UK. After a bit of fettling, the engine now makes 836bhp and 822Nm which is sent to the rear wheels via the aforementioned 6-speed manual that also has a bespoke motorsport clutch. AM by Q raided the Vulcan parts bin for the inboard springs and dampers too.

The centre-lock wheels feature a special design to match that level of detail. It also has more downforce thanks to the aggressive front splitter and diffuser, large side skirts that house the side-exit exhausts, and integrated dovetail spoiler. That redesigned bonnet with its moat of air vents for the monster engine is perhaps its most striking aspect. Meanwhile, the retro-styled circular headlamps are the most identifiable connection to the V8 Vantage from the 1970s. The name itself is a tribute to the boss of Aston Martin during that time, Victor Gauntlett. What a name, what a car. It makes sense there will only ever be just one of each.

1970s V8 Vantage (Left) and Victor (Right)

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