The successor to the legendary DB 9 is finally here, and it’s GOOOD.

The Aston Martin DB 11 pretty much sets the tone for the future of the brand, in what they call ‘the second century’. The engine for a start has been down-sized, from a naturally aspirated 6.0 litre V12 in the DB9 that would give it 517 bhp, doing 0-100kmph in 4.6 seconds, to a modest 5.2 litre v12 with twin turbos that churns out 600 bhp helping this heavy beast do 0-100kmph in under 4 seconds. Yeah, down-sized, pfft.

The look of the DB 11 is future facing as well, as they have retained enough similarities to the DB 9  to make the connection, but plenty of new shapes and angles to give it a truly modern supercar design. It comes with 3 dampener settings to choose from depending on the roads and your mood, but Aston says each of them provides enough comfort for the ride. The slip differential helps guiding the DB 11 through corners easier than you expect, with the 8 speed automatic gearbox working perfectly to guarantee a splendid driving experience.

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The infotainment system comes from Mercedes, and the interiors are elegant and luxurious as expected from Aston Martin. The DB 11 is a GT car, that means it comes with 2+2 seating, ie, there are 2 seats in the back, but I doubt you’d be using them much. The remodeled body also allows for a surprisingly spacious boot, making it quite practical for a driving holiday.

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The DB 11 has a claimed top speed of 322kph, and will cost you about INR 4 crore(estimated, ex-showroom, Delhi). So if you’re looking to spend that kinda cash for an exotic car that you could maybe even drive around town, the DB 11 is a definite consideration.

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Oh, and if you’d like to HEAR what the 5.2 litre twin turbo V12 sounds like, check out the link below:

And here’s what the DB 9 sounds like:

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