Bugatti has given the Chiron the traditional treatment and has ‘fine-tuned’ it for track use in the new Chiron Sport avatar. Shown at Geneva in a spectacular dual-tone combo of Italian red and black, it’s still as astounding to look at as the regular version which was unleashed onto the world in 2016.

While the world is heralding the McLaren 720S as possibly the best daily sportscar one can buy, the Chiron is the luxurious hypercar with twice the engine and more than double the power. The Chiron Sport has the same 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbo that still makes 1,479bhp (1,500PS) and 1,600Nm of torque being sent through all four wheels. Its got stiffer suspension and the boffins have managed to reduce weight by about 18kgs, which admittedly isn’t much when the ‘regular’ Chiron weighs close to 2 tonnes. It can still do  0-100kph in under 2.5 seconds, 0-200kph in under 6.5 seconds, 0-300kph in 13.6 seconds and is limited to a top speed of 420kph. Still, it’s quite exciting to have a car that has 500 on its speedometer.


The rear axle has been optimised further and now has a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function to improve stability and pace through the tight bends. Part of the weight saving measures included increased use of carbon fibre and is the first manufacturer to make a carbon fibre windscreen wiper. That alone saves 1.4kg from the regular Chiron.

Bugatti has given the new Chiron Sport plenty of visual differentiators, starting with the rounded quad tailpipes, new alloys, chrome bits on buttons and dials inside has been replaced by an anodised black finish and the ‘Sport’ logo on the door sills and the embroidered ‘Chiron Sport’ logos as well. It has a red ’16’ painted prominently on the black painted radiator grille nodding to the car’s 16 cylinder engine which is an engineering marvel. Prices? The Bugatti Chiron Sport is launched at a list price of €2.65 million + options.


Do you think the new Bugatti Chiron Sport is mostly a cosmetic job to differentiate it from the regular Chiron that just makes for a bigger price? Do you think there should be a track-only spec of this car with its W16 quad-turbo engine? Share your thoughts in the comments below the gallery and subscribe to get more news about the coolest cars.

Photos by manufacturer

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