The Croatian carmaker Rimac who made the futuristic Concept One all-electric hypercar, whose biggest claim to fame is, unfortunately, that time Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond rolled one off at the top of a hillclimb. Yeah, that Rimac. They’ve unveiled a new car, a successor to the Concept One and it’s currently going by its codename – the C_Two.

While the Concept One had 1,073 hp, the C_Two has nearly 2,000 hp from its four electric motors, one on each wheel. The exact power figure is rated at 1,914 hp which is still a monumental figure for a road-legal all-electric car, along with a petrifying 2,300 Nm of torque. The numbers game continues with Rimac claiming a 0-100kph time of 1.97 seconds, 0-300kph in 11.8 seconds and a quarter-mile in 9.1 seconds. Someone did point out, that last performance figure is half a second quicker than the Dodge Demon that got banned by American drag-race regulatory bodies for being too quick. Keep in mind the batteries and motors mean more weight and this car weighs a hefty 1,950kg.


The C_Two with its 120kWh battery is also claiming an impressive range of 650km on the NEDC cycle with a top speed of 412kph, which is not that much slower than an electronically limited Bugatti Chiron. It has four-wheel drive of course but there are two different kinds of gearboxes. The front motors use independent single-speed gearboxes while the rear motors use independent two-speed gearboxes.

In terms of design, Rimac C_Two is an evolution of its predecessor, recognisable yet different. There are plenty of active aerodynamic elements on this electric hypercar in terms of the front diffusor, rear diffusor, rear wing, bonnet turning vane, underbody inlets and outlets. The entire frame has a drag coefficient of 0.28 and the structure uses a carbon-fibre monocoque with batteries integrated into it.


For more civilised use, it is equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving technology with plenty of cameras and sensors everywhere. It also has facial recognition to allow the owner to unlock the doors of the car, so it may not be advisable to stop at the door to just gaze at its simplistic yet purposefully elegant design. Once inside, there are three screens, a touchscreen in the middle to navigate the in-house software interface that is very clever itself while there are still a few reassuring knobs and buttons to push on the central console of this two-seater hypercar.

Like the Concept One, the C_Two is a multi-million dollar electric hypercar with a high-level of personalisation options available to the lucky 150 people who’ll get one starting 2020, and yes that’s all Rimac is going to make.

A couple of quirky touches on the model shown at the Geneva Auto Show, as seen in the video by Shmee150 is Richard Hammond’s face on the welcome graphics. Another cheeky touch was the fire extinguisher on the luggage rack behind the seats under the rear screen, with “In case of hillclimb extinguish fire” embossed on the holster. Nice touch Mate Rimac.


What do you think of the Rimac C_Two? Do you think it’ll give bother to the Tesla Roadster and the conventional hypercar manufacturers? Share your thoughts in the comments below the gallery.

Photos by Manufacturer

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