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Meet The New Era Of Rallying: WRC 2022 Hybrid Rally1 Cars Unveiled

The world of rally racing is highly stratified with its various formats, championships and vehicle classifications. At the very top of four-wheel rallying, we have the WRC (World Rally Championship). After a long time, the sport is getting significant technical updates for the cars that were confirmed and approved back in 2020, and the three […]

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Hyundai i20 N Unveiled. My Dream Hatchback Finally Exists!

The Hyundai N program started a few years ago to make sportier versions of their existing models. I’ve found myself at the helm of many a mass-market Hyundai since 2013 and each time I wished the Korean carmaker would offer more fun-to-drive versions like Volkswagen and Ford do with their compacts. Their first hot hatch […]