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New Mulliner Batur Is The Most Powerful Bentley To Date

Nearly two years after the Bacalar, Bentley Mulliner has debuted its new coachbuilt offering, the Batur. It previews the future design language for Bentley EVs with its elegant and fluid design shapes.

The Batur’s presence is best described by the term “resting beast stance”. It has strong, muscular lines on the long bonnet, similar to the Bacalar, with an added outer edge carrying through to the rear haunches. Bentley will ditch the iconic rounded headlamps in place of drop-shaped headlamps with eyebrow DRLs. The multi-tone grille design is powerful and intricate with the Gloss Dark Titanium mesh accented by contrast chevrons in a pattern — from Hyperactive Orange in the centre that darkens to Black Crystal outwards.

Those large air intakes on either side of the front bumper accentuate the Batur’s width. The front aero elements are integrated into the bumper design.

The smooth profile of the Mulliner Batur also has an aerodynamic role in channelling air around the bodywork in an optimal fashion. Those unique 22-inch wheels in Black Crystal combine dark gloss faces with satin spokes. This particular example also gets bright red brake callipers for those large carbon ceramic discs.

At the rear, the design simplifies with new sleek taillamps and an active rear spoiler tucked in behind the redesigned boot lid. The rear haunches of the Batur highlight just how wide it is and sitting in line with each taillamp is a dual-tip exhaust as part of the quad-exit titanium exhaust from Akrapovic. The blacked-out section of the rear bumper is uncharacteristically plain compared to the beautiful details of the rest of the Batur. It is perhaps the most notable hint at the EV-centric design of future Bentley models.

As the swansong for Bentley’s handbuilt 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12, the Batur packs the most powerful version ever. It gets a host of changes such as a new air intake system, upgraded turbos and new intercoolers. The result is a peak output of 740hp and 1000Nm of torque!

It’s paired with the same 8-speed dual-clutch auto as the Bentley GT Speed to distribute power to the all-wheel drive system. There’s no official 0-100kpmh time but considering that the Batur has carbon fibre body panels to cut weight, it will likely be quicker than the GT Speed.

The Batur also needed an improved chassis to be a suitable pairing with the immense heart. It features adaptive air suspension, active anti-roll bars, and a sportily tuned electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD).

Inside the cabin of the Mulliner Batur, its lucky few owners get to choose from an extensive range of opulent and or sustainable materials. There are also no rear seats, just like in a Continental Supersport, replaced by a shelf that will likely be suitable for fitted luggage bags. The overall layout is shared with the regular Continental GT but with slight adjustments to the console and air vents for a more driver-oriented experience. The dashboard on this particular unit features a faded finish with a laser etched soundwave representing the sound of the Batur’s unique W12 powertrain.

But the real star of this cabin is the central rotary dial, the Bentley Dynamic Drive Selector, made from 18 karat gold. It’s complemented by the same hallmarked gold construction for the 12 o’clock centre band on the steering wheel. There’s the option of more 3D-printed gold controls such as the organ stops for the central AC vents. Personally, this looks way more elite and cultural than any bejewelled controls seen from other luxury brands.

The Batur will not be as exclusive as the Bacalar, with 18 units commissioned for the coupe compared to 12 for the drop head. It’s already sold out, of course, with a starting price tag of £2 million.

Bentley has lost some of its essence by getting rid of those round headlamps, but everything else about the Batur is reassuring for the brand’s electric future. We’re unlikely to ever see one on the road or its 740hp being properly utilised on a track somewhere, but it’s great to know that such automotive beauty can still be built today.

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