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F1 2022: Scuderia Ferrari F1-75 Revealed

The most recognisable team in Formula 1 has revealed its 2022 contender. Celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary, Ferrari has named its new F1 car the F1-75.

It is the most visually distinctive-looking car of the 2022 era so far in terms of the shape of the side pods, the rear wing, and the tip of the nose. The sidepods seemed to be sculpted around the cockpit and engine cover for aerodynamic purposes and were not predominantly flat like seen on the other 2022 cars so far. This area of the car also features a row of louvres that follow the shape of the engine cover. It seems to be a similar functional element as deployed by the Aston Martin AMR22 but in a far prettier package.

At the rear, the F1-75 seemed to have shorter end plates on the rear wing with a deeper recess around the swan neck mounting and an elongated structure attached to the top wing. Upfront, the nose extends till the very tip of the front wing assembly, somewhat similar to what was seen on the Red Bull RB18.

While the aero discs have not been incorporated into the livery design, the F1-75 is the first to sport sponsor decals on the covers over the front wheels with the logo of Snapdragon. Speaking of the livery, the 2022 Ferrari F1 contender sports a deep shade of red contrasted mainly by black. This theme is mirrored in the team jersey for the upcoming season. Overall, the F1-75 is the prettiest car of the new era so far.

Under that beautifully-shaped engine cover lies the new power unit, the Ferrari 066/7. According to Enrico Gualtieri, Head Of Power Unit Area, the main concept behind developing the new engine was utmost efficiency. That doesn’t mean it was just about fuel economy and includes sustaining a high level of performance.

Ferrari’s driver lineup is stacked with proven talent: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard finished ahead of the Monegasque last season and could secure his first race win in the new season. Meanwhile, Leclerc will be looking to regain his 2019 form where he took 7 Pole positions, 10 podiums and 2 wins. Perhaps the only weak link, based on public opinion of no technological expertise, is team principal Matia Binotto. While Scuderia Ferrari managed to finish 3rd in the Constructor’s in 2021, Binotto still has to make up for the disastrous racecar they built for the 2020 season.

The car was later taken around Fiorano for some beauty shots, giving us the first glimpse of the F1-75 in action.

With the new regulations said to be balancing the playing field, we hope to see the Italian racing team return to the front of the pack, fighting for wins with Mercedes and Red Bull.

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