A few months after the EQS made its global premiere as Mercedes’ top electric luxury sedan, we have been treated to its performance variant. That’s right, the geniuses at Afflaterbach like tinkering with EVs too! Say hello to the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+.

The EQS 53 has a dual-motor setup for a peak output of 560kW (761hp) and 1020Nm with boost function if you’ve got the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package. As standard, it ‘only’ offers 484kW (658hp) and 950Nm. The claimed acceleration times for 0-100kph are 3.4 seconds for the top version and 3.8 seconds for the base version. You also need to have a minimum battery charge of 80% to achieve those times. So, this is not a tool to beat the Tesla Model S but it’s still supercar quick. The EQS 53 is simply a large and luxurious EV that can get a move on if you wanted it to.

The electric motors in the EQS 53 are AMG-specific, characterised by a decided emphasis on performance with an optimum balance of efficiency and comfort. To achieve that, these motors have new windings, stronger current and new actuation via inverters running bespoke software, to allow for higher rotational speeds. The rear motor is said to be “particularly powerful” as it has a sigh-phase design. This powertrain also gets AMG-specific thermal management solutions such as a ‘water-lance’ in the shaft of the rotor and special ribs on the stator.

Powering these brilliant electric motors is a 107.8kWh battery pack that is equipped with a 400V architecture. There are AMG-specific details here as well such as the wiring adapted to the high-performance capacity and the specially configured battery management system. Even though its charging systems are not on par with the likes of the Porsche Taycan or Hyundai Ioniq 5, it still has a rapid charge capacity of up to 200kW. That’s good enough for adding 300km of range in just under 20 minutes. A fully-charged EQS 53 has a claimed WLTP range of 526-580km.

The cornering characteristics of the electric AMG are taken care of by the AMG-specific fully variable all-wheel drive system. It takes care of the torque distribution between the axles and the wheels to perfectly suit the driving mode selected. “Comfort” is for maximum efficiency while “Sport” and “Sport+” offer rear-biased torque for better driving dynamics. For achieving a balance of comfort and reliable handling, the EQS 53 has air suspension as standard with adjustable damping and AMG-specific components. Mercedes states that the AMG developers were able to increase the spread/difference between the sportiness and comfort characteristics of the suspension, depending on the mode selected and the driving conditions. Lastly, you also get real wheel steering which gives it the required dexterity for manoeuvering this large vehicle both slowly and at speed.

Mercedes has not given the AMG EQS 53 any significant visual differences over the regular EQS AMG Line, except for the Panamericana grille pattern. However, there has been some aerodynamic fine-tuning and optimising of the basic shape and the rear diffuser. That includes gloss black details on the front splitter, air intakes, air curtains, AMG side sills, and others. It also gets a slightly larger rear spoiler that reduces rear lift without increasing drag. The AMG light-alloy wheels are also aerodynamically optimised.

The interior isn’t that different either but gets AMG-specific displays and functions, an AMG performance steering wheel, AMG branding around the cabin, and AMG sports pedals. It’s still quite luxurious with its leather upholstery, extensive cabin comforts, and the 55-inch MBUX hyperscreen that spans the width of the dashboard. While we have bemoaned the muted sounds of newer AMG models due to smaller engines and emission regulations, the EQS 53 is close to silent. That simply will not do for an AMG, not even an electric one. So, Mercedes engineered some driving sounds to be pumped into the cabin depending on the mode selected. Use the “Race Start” mode and you’ll hear sounds of electric motors spooling up like a sci-fi spaceship about to enter hyperspace. With the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package that increases the performance on offer, you also get more sounds for other vehicle functions like door locks, starting/stopping the drive system and even the clicking of indicators.

The German marquee has not yet shared the timeline for the first all-electric AMG production model, but it could be reaching customers in the second half of 2022. Given that the AMG EQS 53 is not as quick as the likes of the Tesla Model S or the Lucid Air, its market identity would be as a luxurious EV with sporty characteristics that is more spacious than an Audi RS e-tron GT or a Porsche Taycan.

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