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Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept Promises A Bright Future For An Electric G-Wagon

There are few production-series models more iconic than the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Since the company is going all-electric in the near future, the G-Class was destined to undergo the powertrain transition as well. The Concept EQG previews the electric future of the G-Wagen and we don’t mind what we’re looking at.

Mercedes has played it smart by sticking with the G’s winning formula: the impactful design. The EQG Concept has the same overall shape with its tall and boxy stance that lends it an imposing presence on the road. Like most EQ models, it debuts with a dual-tone paint where the top half is black and the bottom is silver. It also gets the black display panel with animations and the three-pointed star which is another distinctive EQ design feature. The EQG retains the round headlamps as the regular G-Wagen, and its illuminated rings that act as DRLs are mirrored by the illuminated circles on the rearview mirrors.

The concept gets exclusively designed 22-inch polished aluminium alloy wheels that have minimal openings which might help with smoother airflow along the sides. While it does not get the usual spare wheel cover design, there is a lockable box in its place that resembles the shape of a typical wall-box EV charger. It also has an illuminated outline which adds a futuristic touch.

A cool design feature of the EQG Concept is the blacked-out roof rack with the letter ‘G’ in the design. The rack also has sleek LED light strips front and back. The front one acts as a futuristic light bar, reinforcing the G-Class’ off-roader persona (even though most of its buyers will never take it into rough terrain).

We haven’t been treated to the interior of the EQG yet but it will be expectedly luxurious with a grab handle on the front passenger side. An electric G will likely miss out on the MBUX hyperscreen and get a simpler layout like the one of the EQC with the dual integrated display. It might even get its own dashboard layout with G-Class specific features.

Mercedes has not shared any of the mechanical details for the EQG Concept but it has confirmed that it will retain its rugged credentials. The body will be based on a ladder-frame chassis with an electric motor on each wheel for a 4×4 drivetrain. Our guess is that it will feature the same EV powertrain as the EQS which promises a range of up to 770km with a 107.8kWh battery pack. But the electric G’s extra motors and aerodynamically compromised styling is likely to bring the range down. If we take the Tesla Model X Long Range as a competitive benchmark, the EQG could still offer around 550km from a full battery. A true rival would likely be an electric Land Rover Defender but we don’t know when that will be coming out.

This is only a concept preview but the production-spec EQG could be unveiled in the next year or two. While the roar of the current G63 will be sorely missed in the electric era, it’ll be nice to see the G-Wagen alive and well in the new age of mobility.

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