When Ferrari unveiled its replacement for the F12berlinetta, the 812 Superfast, it impressed everyone with its performance figures, clever tech and styling. Nearly four years after its debut, the Maranello engineers have unveiled a more hardcore, limited edition version of the front-engined, 2-seater V12 cruiser. Like the Superfast, its name is rather unimaginative: Meet the 812 Competizione. 

The 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 has been reworked to be its most powerful version ever. Using new-age materials and by redesigning some key engine components, the 812 Competizione’s heart pumps out 818bhp at 9,250rpm and can now rev all the way up to 9,500rpm. That’s a power increase of 30bhp and an extra 600 revs on offer. The transmission is the same 7-speed dual-clutch automatic but it has likely been tinkered with for the extra responsiveness that this hardcore 812 is capable of. 

I’ve seen some clips from owners of the 812 Superfast, letting that glorious V12 sing till its crescendo and the music keeps going. To think that this Competizione variant can rev even higher is good news to V12-audiophiles everywhere. Ferrari has worked on the exhaust setup as well to further play with the tuning of the supercar’s sound it seemed pretty good in the official footage.

There’s more to the 812 Competizione than just the increased engine performance. Ferrari has also made a host of aerodynamic upgrades to the bodywork, including a new aluminium panel at the back to replace the rear windscreen and it acts as a vortex generator. It does look a bit like the engine cover from a limited edition, mid-engined Ferrari with its louvres but details on its exact functions are yet to be revealed. The aero kit is not Ferrari’s finest work and has a slight aftermarket look to it. Most notable changes include the splice of carbon for the hood vents, the more aggressive front end with the larger intakes, the reworked rear bumper with extra vents and louvres and the aggressive rear diffuser. Improved aero and extra downforce are key when hooning a rear-wheel-drive supercar, especially one that doesn’t have a massive wing at the back, a speciality of Ferrari’s rear-end design.

The 812 Competizione also uses lots more carbon fibre for exterior and interior bits to cut weight. Official dry weight figures show that it is now 38kgs lighter than standard. It also premieres the latest version of Ferrari’s dynamic control system: Side Slip Control 7.0. That’s the tech that allows most Ferrari buyers to drive these cars in a fun way and without crashing at the first corner. The Competizione also gets rear-wheel-steering, as offered on the “standard” 812.

Inside its cabin, the 812 Competizione features more carbon fibre and the latest-generation Ferrari central console. This new design does not look as special as the one seen in the 812 Superfast but does offer a lot more functionality to the driver and passenger. In its unveil spec, the cockpit does not seem to be stripped out and even comes with the passenger side display. The driver’s side seems the same except for the updated steering wheel. It’s hard to judge the interior of these cars as it varies greatly depending on the specification, and most owners tend to personalise these to quite an extent. This launch-spec version, however, does look elegant and tasteful with the all-black interior and yellow contrasts. 

The 812 Competizione debut was not a solo event as it was premiered alongside its open-top version, the 812 Competizione A (A for Aperta which means open or no roof). It gets the same mechanical upgrades as the coupe but has its own special aero and styling changes since it is a targa-top. The new vortex-generating rear panel is replaced by a flying buttress design with an integrated spoiler that makes up for lost downforce. The rest of the rear end design is just as aggressive as the coupe. 

While the 812 Competizione is more of a track-toy, the Aperta has more appeal as a lifestyle choice, allowing Ferrari customers to enjoy more of the high-rev symphony erupting from the exhaust. The unveiling event mentioned that the roof panel can be stored in the luggage space while still having space for a few luxury bags but this feature has not been displayed. Guess we’ll have to wait for an influencer exclusive to see just how Ferrari designed that bit. 

As is the case with most special edition Ferrari V12s, they’re already sold out. All 999 units of the 812 Competizione and the 599 units of the 812 Competizione Aperta are spoken for. Starting price for the coupe was listed at around half a million euros while the targa-top started from around €578,000. Deliveries are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022, and I’m looking forward to the YouTube reviews which should be live before the end of 2021. 

The 812 Competizione is likely the last of the 812 Series. While it features astounding Ferrari engineering, the design seems too much like a videogame edit than an expression of Italian flair. 

The bigger question here, for the most powerful version of the naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12: is it the last one? They already stopped production of the GTC4 Lusso to prep for the Pursoangue sports SUV and the SF90 Stradale uses a hybrid setup with a twin-turbo V8. While V12s remain crucial to the Ferrari bloodline, could the 812 Competizione be its unadulterated swansong? I sure hope not.

What are your thoughts on the new Ferrari 812 Competizione? Do you prefer the coupe or the Aperta? Would you pick an F12tdf over the 812 Competizione? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the Auto Loons for more cool updates from the car world.

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