A Britain-based specialist at restoring classic Ferraris, GTO Engineering has decided to take their expert knowledge and build their own retro-styled sports car for an elite clientele. This project has been in the works for some time and the final car is named the Squalo. That’s the Italian word for shark.

Its coachbuilt design is clearly inspired by Ferrari sports cars of the 1960s, especially the likes of the 250 with some details similar to that of the legendary GTO. The long bonnet is connected to the body by the beautifully sculpted shoulder line and the rear fenders stick out like a boxer’s muscles: shapely, smooth and powerful. It has louvres behind each wheel and three on the bonnet as well. The circular headlamps are mirrored by the LED DRLs housed in the edges of the front grille. From the rear, you can admire its perfectly arched back, the double-bubble roof, the quad-exit exhaust and the sleek tail lamps. The silver wheel design of the debut-spec model looks appropriately retro as well, putting most modern supercar wheel designs to shame.

The recipe for the Squalo’s mechanicals is just as iconic and retro, proven over time: lightweight build, a naturally-aspirated V12 and a manual gearbox. The target weight is set to be sub-1,000kg and the bespoke quad-cam 4.0-litre V12 aims will redline at 10,000rpm. While the exact output of this gorgeous engine is still unspecified, it is expected to offer over 460bhp. That’s plenty in a car that will weigh around the same as your average family hatchback. 

GTO Engineering has been quick to dismiss internet squabble that its engine will simply be a rehash of old-school Ferrari 250 parts. “There aren’t any parts that are shared between the two, and one key case study for that is the engine. We know most V12 Ferraris inside out, and recently weighed a 1960 4.0-litre V12 engine; it was 176kg as a complete unit with the starter motor, oil and oil filler tubes too. That’s so much lighter than a modern V12, and we know we can do even better with our knowledge as well as modern advancements and techniques.”

Each unit of the hand-built Squalo is sure to carry a price tag in the millions, each car sporting a bespoke specification to its lucky owners. Still, we’d like to see a sample of the interior which we believe will be just as gorgeous as the exterior. Given that customer deliveries are meant to begin in 2023, there is time for that to happen still.

Would the GTO Engineering Squalo be a good fit in your dream garage along with the likes of a Singer Porsche 911, an Eagle Speedster and the Cyan Racing Volvo P1800? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more cool updates from the car world and you can follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@autoloons).

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