The Auto Loons Turns 4!

While 2020 has been a year to forget, it’s still worth celebrating the fourth anniversary of the Auto Loons blog. The exact date was a short while ago, on September 4, but it’s been a bit hectic and that’s kept me from getting this done on time. It’s somehow been a more productive year than the one before, even though it feels like I’ve not covered as much car news as I could have during the lockdown. We now have more than 60 followers on the blog and I’m grateful for all of you.

At the start of this year, before COVID hit the fan and threw every good plan out the window, I hoped to increase the blog’s activity on Instagram and YouTube. Even though I love putting out blog content, social media is really not my cup of tea so I rarely remember to post on there after publishing the stories. With video content, I’ve discovered an opportunity in discussing cars through their diecast avatars made by the likes of Hot Wheels, Maisto and Bburago. It’s been hard to be consistent with the uploads as I’m still slow at editing and I’m trying to improve with every video but I’m happy to get them out when I’m able to finish working on them. Meanwhile, our DriveTribe page is in a sort of content coma. I thought I’d publish slightly different stuff than the main blog to offer diverse content but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything along with my daytime commitments.

I’m most proud of my F1 coverage, as delayed as it might be. Most races are pretty dull with two Mercedes on the podium and usually Lewis Hamilton on the top-step but the fun ones are the most satisfying to report on. I hope you enjoy that content too.

The Auto Loons blog is a passion project and I intend to keep it as active and fresh as I can. A big thanks to all the readers and especially those who’ve subscribed for your continued support. Cheers!

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