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F1 2020: McLaren MCL35

Three reveals in, I think it’s safe to expect pretty much the same design as last year. McLaren has now unveiled its 2020 contender, the MCL35.

While the papaya orange is as cool as ever, the use of blue could have been better. The MCL35 also gets the halo in the same orange as the body which does make the cockpit section look better. After having seen the SF1000 and the RB16, the differences in the aerodynamic details of the MCL35 become even more apparent. Most easy to distinguish is its nose design, a lot slimmer than most and with an interesting joint for the front wing.

The MCL35 will be powered by Renault’s new E-Tech 20 power unit which combined with the energy recovery systems is good for over 950hp. After McLaren finished fourth in the Constructor’s Championship, the team will have to fight even harder for a similar result. While the top three teams remain out of reach for most, the middle order will offer the most intense competition. McLaren’s dynamic duo now has worked well so far but it’ll be interesting to see how Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz capitalise on their chemistry. The biggest change should come from Lando who had an impressive rookie season in F1 and is expected to show the results of the experience gained.


On the business side of things, all seems well with McLaren adding eight new partners for 2020. It’ll also be the first full season at McLaren for team principal Andreas Seidl. Him and McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown seemed upbeat and enthusiastic for the season ahead, raring to get started in Australia. So are we Zac, so are we.

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