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F1 2020: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB16

The next podium contender for 2020 has been unveiled – the RB16. In all likelihood, it will be the last Aston Martin Red Bull Racing livery we’ll see for some time. Sadly, it doesn’t look much different from the RB15.

Mechanically speaking, it features most of the changes under its skin to comply with the few changes in regulations. The RB16 is also a new and improved version of the RB15 and will be driven by the same two racers – Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. Hopefully, its Honda engine will also be an improved version of last year and will earn the team some more wins over the season. It is highly unlikely that Red Bull would have been able to close the gap to Mercedes for 2020.


The matte livery remains near identical as do the helmets. The Dutchman has opted for a bit more white with gold for the lion on top and the ‘V’ design around the back. Albon has stuck with the predominantly blue and yellow theme.

Do you think Albon will get his first-ever podium this season? Can Verstappen snatch even more wins from Ferrari and Mercedes? It’ll be exciting to see and hopefully, the action will start from the first race itself. Hopefully, there will also be a cool new livery for pre-season testing next week like there was last year.



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