The Mulsanne has been a British automotive icon powered by Bentley’s legendary 6 ¾ twin-turbo V8 engine. But as the world moves on, the chapter of the Mulsanne and that engine is coming to a close. To mark this occasion, Bentley has announced a special final edition of its flagship luxury car – the Mulsanne 6.75 Edition by Mulliner.


The Crewe factory will only make 30 more Mulsannes. This special edition is named after the legendary 6 ¾ engine which is celebrating its 60th year in continuous production in 2020. The 6.75 Edition will be based on the Mulsanne Speed which has a little more performance to offer than the regular version – 530bhp and 1100Nm. That’s enough for the Mulsanne to do 0-100kph in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 305kph. Bentley also mentions that it takes 400 hours to build a Mulsanne Speed so expect a similar time if not more for the 6.75 Edition.



Bentley will add plenty of monickers and badges that tell you its the 6.75 Edition. This final Mulsanne will feature a 6.75 Edition motif stitched into the seats and in chrome badging for the exterior and the engine bay. This logo will also be projected onto the surface by the LED welcome lamps. Other references to the engine are present in the form of ventilation controls designed to be miniature versions of the engine oil cap while the faces of the clock and minor gauges will feature schematic cutaway drawings of the engine itself. The engine number plaque is usually signed by the engineer who built it but in the 6.75 Edition, it is signed by Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark.



The final edition Mulsanne uses both chrome and gloss black elements for various details around the exterior and under the bonnet. It has silver accents inside the cabin through seat piping, accent hide around the central console, deep pile overmat bindings, and the accent colour showing through the perforated hide to the seats and door inserts. There will also be a unique metal commemorative plaque fitted to the front console.


Once Bentley completes production of the thirty Mulsanne 6.75 Edition cars, the new Flying Spur will become the brand’s flagship model. While the new Flying Spur is offered with the twin-turbo 12, it will get a hybrid powertrain by 2023. Bentley has already launched the Bentayga Hybrid which is representative of the company’s commitment to the future of sustainable luxury mobility.


What did you think of the final edition Mulsanne? Do you agree that the new Flying Spur is a fitting model to be the new Bentley flagship? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to The Auto Loons for more cool updates from the car world.

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