The Aston Martin and Zagato connection has resulted in many timeless classic sportscar designs. This partnership between the British carmaker and the Italian design house has lasted nearly 60 years. However, 2019 marks 100 years for Zagato and Aston Martin decided to celebrate the centenary with a unique project called the DBZ Centenary Collection.

There are two parts to this project – a DB4 GT Zagato Continuation model and a new DBS GT Zagato. The DB4 GT Zagato is one of the most iconic creations of both partners. It was built to compete against Ferrari in the 1960s and only 19 units were made. Now, the new 2019 DB4 GT Zagato Continuations will use the expertise of Aston Martin Works, the brand’s heritage restoration division, to be as authentic and true to the original 1960s model. Just like back then, only 19 Continuations will be built and will use a blend of David-Brown era craftsmanship and modern engineering advancements.


Aston Martin has now unveiled the second and considerably modern half of the Centenary Collection – the DBS GT Zagato. It is an astonishing work of beauty showcased in a stunning colour exclusively reserved for it – Supernova Red with contrasting exposed carbon fibre accents with Satin Black and Gold 3D machined rims. The Aston Martin wings on the DBS GT Zagato are akin to jewellery, made of solid 18-carat gold. It also gets a gold Zagato ‘Z’ badge on the front fenders. It also has a trick front grille that “breathes”, i.e, opens and closes as needed by the powertrain.


This unveil specification of the Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato was showcased at the Audrain’s Newport Concours in Rhode Island, the U.S. It featured red leather, quilted seats and satin-twill exposed carbon fibre on the steering wheel and the paddle shifters. The special edition model also uses the first automotive application of configurable carbon and metal 3D-printed interior finishes.


The cockpit features a central saddle design for the central console and its inter-locking form is available in a range of three materials including choice of printed Carbon, Aluminium or Gold PVD. The last one takes almost 100 hours to make with additional polishing and post-processing to achieve the perfect finish. Like all Aston Martins, the DBS GT Zagato can also get the benefit of the brand’s customisation department “Q by Aston Martin” for each customer to add a personal touch to the specification.


As the name suggests, the DBS GT Zagato is based on the DBS Superleggera. It has the same roaring 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 but the power output has been bumped from 715bhp to 760bhp. The standard DBS is already capable of impressive performance figures such as a top speed of 340kph and a 0-100kph of 3.4 seconds. This celebratory edition should be just as perky if not more.


Only 19 pairs of the DBZ Centenary Collection will be built, each priced at £6 million(plus taxes) for both the DB4 GT Continuation and the DBS GT Zagato. While the Continuations will be delivered to owners by the end of 2019, the DBZ GT Zagato is due to begin delivery in Q4 of 2020.

We’ve had our share of special edition Aston Martin DBS Superleggera models like the OHMSS edition and the Tag Heuer edition. But nothing matches the Zagato flair. It seems that red and gold are a winning combination for any race car that pays tribute to motorsport heritage. Just like Shmee150’s Ford GT or the De Tomaso P72.

What do you think of the Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato? Do you agree that it’s the prettiest front-engined modern Aston? Or would you prefer the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to The Auto Loons for more cool updates from the car world.

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