Wow! It’s been so hectic that I didn’t even remember to celebrate our third anniversary! Three whole years since this automotive portal came into existence on 6th September 2017. The blog now has 44 followers and the past 12 months have not been as productive as the year before, what with the new full-time commitments.

Coverage of new cars and motor shows has often been delayed if not missed entirely. The Formula E coverage has been non-existent and the first half of the 2019 Formula 1 was given a miss since it was a boring streak of wins for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Still, I’ve tried to cover what I could as often as I could and bring you information and pictures on the latest cool cars. The coverage for F1 resumed after the summer break and has been relatively consistent and I’ve enjoyed making the lead image thumbnails too. There’s been a lot of developments and plans for new content that have not yet come to fruition, including plans for YouTube, Instagram and DriveTribe. While my full-time commitments are unlikely to change, I do aim to be more productive and more regular as well in the coming months. Let’s hope I can stay on track for that this time around.

Stats-wise, the Auto Loons garnered over 3800 page views in those 12 months despite the lack of frequent content. I can only thank you, the readers and especially the followers, for your continued support of the blog. Let’s keep the blog going and growing and don’t forget to subscribe to The Auto Loons if you haven’t already. Cheers!

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