Sauber is now officially named as the Alfa Romeo Racing team to line up on the 2019 Formula 1 grid. The last ones to unveil their livery, they’ve got THE best looking car, AGAIN. Meet the Alfa Romeo Racing C38-Ferrari.

The gorgeous blend of white and that resplendent shade of red for the livery are just some of the reasons why I’m so excited to see how they perform. The C38 will also use a Ferrari-made engine, transmission and energy recovery system but the steering wheel is their own. The rest of the tech specs are pretty standard across these cars and the details come down to the aero elements within those regulations.

Apart from beautiful the Alfa F1 car looks, I’m very excited to see what Kimi Raikkonen does behind the wheel of one of these. He may have swapped seats with the rising star Charles Leclerc but he’s proven many times that he’s still got the skills to take on the best. In the Alfa Romeo, he may not be contesting for podiums every race but he will definitely give every top 10 driver a run for his money. He will be joined by long-time Ferrari development driver Antonio Giovinazzi who will be making his first full season debut in F1 despite previous outings in the old Sauber car to fill in for injured teammates.

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While the official unveiling happened on the 18th, they did have a Valentine Day one-off livery on display while taking the car out around the Fiorano test track. While it’s not as striking as Red Bull’s one-off design, it was still a very pretty look on the C38 and with Kimi behind the wheel, I know a friend who would have been swooning at that sight.

You can drool over the new Alfa Romeo C38 from various angles in the gallery below. What do you think of it? What are your expectations from the team in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay tuned to the Auto Loons for more updates on Formula 1.

Note: This is the 300th post on The Auto Loons. Quite fitting I feel. Thanks for all the support everyone.

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