Red Bull Racing actually unveiled their new Honda-powered Formula 1 contender in a special one-off livery (pictured below) – the RB15. However, a few days later they showcased the car in its traditional Red Bull colours for the pre-season testing in Spain around the Catalunya racetrack (pictured above).

Red Bull Racing RB15

Personally, I was shocked and surprised by the one-off Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda livery but I was looking forward to a new distinct look on the grid. However, not everyone felt the same way and Red Bull too was intent on sticking to their traditional colour schemes. With the new 2019 F1 aero regulations, the RB15 still looks a lot like the RB14 with the front and rear wing being the most noticeable differences.


It’s a high-expectation season for Red Bull Racing F1 in 2019 as they’re now the first front-runner team to have a Honda power unit. Another reason for the hype is the driver lineup – Max Verstappen is now in his third season and at age 21 will be the team’s lead driver; the iconic Aussie’s vacant seat is filled by Red Bull prospect Pierre Gasly (age 23) who had some noteworthy performances in his debut season with Toro Rosso.

The technical specifications of the RB15 aren’t available to the public yet but with Adrian Horner running the show, expect the team to wreak havoc for Mercedes and Ferrari. You can check out the new Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda RB15 from various angles in the gallery below. What do you think of it? Would you have preferred the one-off livery instead? What are your expectations from them in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay tuned to the Auto Loons for more updates on Formula 1.

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