Another day, another electric car. But this one hits a little closer to home. This is the Renault K-ZE all-electric supermini SUV. Or to put in more familiar terms for the Indian audience, it’s a battery-powered Kwid.

Yes, the fugly A-Segment compact hatchback on stilts that enjoyed phenomenal success in the Indian automotive industry now has an EV version. Renault showcased the K-ZE at the 2018 Paris Motor Show while also announcing electrified hybrid versions of other models like the Megane, Clio and Captur. The spread of this joy-killing infestation will begin in China with sales scheduled to start next year and in due course bringing it to our roads as well. There aren’t many details but the claimed range of the K-ZE is around 250km on the old NEDC cycle so probably around 150km in real conditions.

2018 - Showcar K-ZE

While I am up for more efficient commuter cars to make the air less toxic in cities like New Delhi, I am not in favour of more shit-for-brains drivers hogging the fast lane on an elevated expressway doing a mileage run in their micro-EVs. So, not looking forward to the Renault K-ZE in the slightest even though it looks like an ugly but cute pokemon of a showcar with all the blue and white contrast and especially that improved front-end design.

2018 - Showcar K-ZE

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