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New Volvo V60 Cross Country unveiled: There’s really no reason to buy an SUV. Seriously, stop.

Volvo is still on a roll with its updated model lineup of SUVs, sedans and estate cars. One of their segments is known as the Cross Country wherein the model is given a slightly higher ground clearance, four-wheel-drive and tough-looking plastic body armour. The treatment has now been applied to the latest generation of the V60 estate that was introduced early this year and the results are delightful.

The Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker introduced the gorgeous V90 Cross Country early last year and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. However, if you don’t need THAT much cargo space or if you want something more manageable for Indian road conditions, the new Volvo V60 Cross Country is just right. The ride height has been increased by 75mm from the regular V60 which brings it to 203mm in total and all-wheel-drive will be standard. With those kind of abilities, there really is no need for anyone to buy an SUV that won’t be taken on rocky trails or through swamps. Stop buying those ugly things and buy this lovely Volvo instead.

Based on Volvo’s award-winning Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform which also underpins the new 60 Series and 90 Series and is equipped with the company’s safety technology and infotainment system. The rugged terrain abilities include hill descent control, electronic stability control, corner traction control and even a special off-roading mode.

Unlike the all-new S60, the V60 Cross Country will still be offered with a diesel engine but it will also be available through Volvo’s premium subscription service that offers car access via a monthly fee rather than ownership. In India however, it’s probably going to be available for ownership only as of now. At the time of launch, the rugged estate will be available with Volvo’s staple four-cylinder turbo-diesel with the D4 badge that delivers 187bhp and 400Nm of torque. The other option listed in the global press release is the T5 AWD petrol powertrain with mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants to follow.

There is no word on when the new Volvo V60 Cross Country will be launched in India but I expect it to arrive in the first quarter of 2019 with a possible starting price of Rs 55 lakh. Do you agree that the Volvo V60 CC is a striking estate car? Share your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe for the latest updates on the newest content from The Auto Loons.

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