It’s that special date on the calendar and I’m happy to announce that The Auto Loons has turned two! The first ever post went up on 4th September 2016, so I assumed that was the birthday but WordPress says it’s actually today – 6th September. With that clarified and sorted, I’m glad to see that the blog has come a long way in the last 12 months.

This has been the most consistent phase of uploading new stories and posts. We’ve even added Formula E to our list of topics and I’ve loved following all the action in season four with high expectations for the coming season. We’ve also got our own YouTube channel now with content from Gran Turismo Sport and the AQL series which gives a brief about the car in less than 90 seconds. The video content has been on hold for a while now but there should be a lot more on there soon, so be sure to subscribe to that as well.

The Auto Loons now has its own Instagram page @autoloons for car-spotting photos and content updates. I’d like to mention that you can also submit your car snaps which will be uploaded on our page with credits. There has also been the success in reaching more of you all on DriveTribe with extra content on a near-daily basis. I noticed that the new F1 race report thumbnails have also got more attention lately. Those take extra time and effort so it’s good to know you guys like them.

In terms of stats, there are 26 Auto Loons with us on the blog, over 5000 views and 2500 visitors in 2018 itself. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and to join the Auto Loons family on all platform. Stay tuned for plenty more to come and subscribe if you haven’t already to get the latest updates. Cheers!

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