This electric-SUV is not a concept. It’s the real thing, going into series production in 2019 and will be on the roads soon after. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the first product of their new all-electric sub-brand EQ — the Mercedes-Benz EQC.

A brand that was announced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show with the EQ A concept on which the EQC is based. In terms of design, Mercedes have kept things quite similar including the large black panel front surface enclosing the headlamps and grille with the horizontal light band atop it. There is a symmetry of that light band at the rear with the multi-section tail lights which also use the edge-light technology. The EQC is a sporty looking SUV given its stance thanks to the air inlets flanking the front grille, raked roofline, roof spoiler and muscular wheel arches. Mercedes has also made it look similar to their existing lineup with the additional blue highlights to signify it’s electric powered nature. I suppose the idea is NOT to be like Tesla but to be the Mercedes-Benz of the electric car market and offer some comforting similarities to their buyers.

Der neue Mercedes-Benz EQC: Der Mercedes-Benz unter den Elektrofahrzeugen The new Mercedes-Benz EQC: The Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles

Inside the cabin, Mercedes has equipped the EQC with familiar large displays and onboard technology that has been adapted to the uses and concerns of an EV owner. It’s a nice place to be in with plush materials, large screens, many comforts with splashings of blue lighting and details in a copper colour (multiple signs to remind all occupants that they are in fact, in an electric Benz). One could spec their EQC to have just about the same level of safety systems as offered on an S-Class while the entire structure of the car is built specifically keeping in mind the electrical components to maximise the safety of occupants in the event of a crash. It also comes with the latest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system. The EQ specific functions include the display of range, charge status, energy flow and EQ optimised navigation (shows routes with electric charge stations). You can even program it to work with voice command but only to your voice.

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQC uses a familiar EV construction style, with an 80kWh lithium-ion battery (of Mercedes’ own brand) underneath the floor which keeps the centre of gravity low. This battery has a weight of 650kg which is about a quarter of the car’s overall weight that tips the scales at over 2.4 tonnes. So, to move this massive hunk of metal the battery is connected to an electric drivetrain on each axle which gives the EQC all-wheel-drive capability. The combined output of 300kW (402bhp) and 765Nm of torque is enough to propel the EQC from a standstill to 100kph in a brisk 5.1 seconds with most of the noise coming from its occupants. It also has five different driving modes – Comfort, Eco, Max Range, Sport and Individual with a limited top speed of 180kph. In the eco modes, the EQC’s haptic accelerator pedal prompts the driver to conserve power and the driver is able to influence the recuperation level using the paddles behind the steering wheel. Like the yet-to-be-officially-unveiled Audi e-tron.


A full charge is expected to offer 450km of range in Max Range mode but a more realistic figure would be around 350km or so. Mercedes has fitted the EQC with a 7.4kW water-cooled onboard charger so you can charge it at home or at public charging stations. As expected, charging at a Merc Wallbox is way faster than at a domestic power socket but if charged with a max output of 110kW it’ll take 40 minutes to fill from 10 to 80 per cent. Since power supply will vary, Mercedes-Benz has not made any charging time claims for the EQC.

While there is no word on the price for the Mercedes-Benz EQC yet, it seems to offer plenty to compete with the likes of the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. Its German rivals Audi and VW are expected to launch their own all-electric vehicles soon, possibly before Merc starts the production of EQC in 2019 at its plant in Bremen. The batteries for the EQC will be made in parallel at the expanded battery plant in Kamenz while the EQ products will be integrated into the series production processes of existing plants of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Der neue Mercedes-Benz EQC - der erste Mercedes-Benz der Produkt- und Technologiemarke EQ The new Mercedes-Benz EQC - the first Mercedes-Benz under the product and technology brand EQ

It’ll be an interesting adaptation process for other drivers and pedestrians to get used to these silent SUVs on the road and there will be incidents for sure. But as far as lifestyle vehicles go, these electric alternatives aren’t looking as terrible as originally feared. What are your thoughts on the Mercedes-Benz EQC? Do you agree that the Tesla Model X is still the best, expensive electric SUV currently in the market? Let us know in the comments below the gallery and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest updates on the newest content.

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