It’s tricky to decide which cars were your favourites for an event that I didn’t get to attend in person. But thankfully, Goodwood uploads a lot of videos for each individual run up the hill climb at the Festival of Speed and some are compilations of different categories from classics to supercars to all-out racecars.

Here are our top picks from the silver jubilee of the Goodwood FoS:

1) Brabham BT62


















The Brabham badge returns to the automotive scene this year. The new automotive company was launched not too long ago as they unveiled the Brabham BT62 track car with a focus on reappearing at Le Mans. David Brabham, a racing icon in his own right, plans to continue the motorsport heritage his father built and the BT62 made its dynamic debut at Goodwood FoS. The livery shown here celebrates Jack Brabham’s F1 win at Sweden in 1978.

2) Koenigsegg Regera















1,500hp and 2000Nm of torque using a hybrid setup comprsinig of three electric motors and a supercharged 5.0-litre V8. All of the power is sent to the rear wheels using an innovative direct drive system which means no gear shifting on the way forward. This wasn’t a particularly rapid run but it was a rare occassion for the public to see the Koenigsegg Regera in action. Also in attendance was the Agera FE ‘Thor’ which is an astounding hypercar itself but just not as special to me as the Regera.

3) Two-wheeled World Record in a Range Rover













Terry Grant was able to set the world record for completing the mile on two-wheels in a Range Rover SVR that he drove up the hill at Goodwood. His first attempt was not a successful one as he made contact with the flint wall. But with a revision to his driving line he was able to successfullly complete the run in time and remember, the course is uphill and has both left and right corners. An impressive feat from Terry Grant and a good spectacle for the fans.

4) Jetpack Guy











Somebody built a working jet pack and it’s really cool. Do you really need any other reason to watch this clip? FYI, it’s called the JB11 (so you can specify to Santa what you’re asking for) and the pilot seen here is David Mayman.

5) Drifting up the hill










Drift cars up a hill climb, plenty of smoke and lots of donuts. Enjoy.

6) Williams V10 F1 car







Ah the glory days when F1 cars made noises at 19,000rpm that would make every petrol head fizz their pants. This here is the one that was driven by Juan-Pablo Montoya the year he set the fastest overall speed record in F1 at Monza. At Goodwood, it was Karun Chandok who was behind the wheel triggering the nostalgia. With new F1 bosses in attendance, we really hope they take something from this to include in the 2021 regulations.

7) Porsche’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations





We’ve briefly discussed the 70 Years of Porsche and their history in sportcars in motorsport but it’s an entirely different expericence to watch those cars from the the various decades of achievements, roaring up the hill. It’s a long one, but worth every minute.

8) Drone vs Porsche 911 GT3 RS


XBLADE Drone Racing Team had their man at Goodowood FoS this year to set the Guiness World Record for the fastest drone with the XBR Slingshot that had built in partnership with Wingcopter. Together they were able to set the new record at 240kph with Luke Bannister as the pilot. But the video of Luke trying to keep up with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS up the hillclimb while being in the passenger seat is way more fun to watch.

9) Billy Monger whizzes up Goodwood in his specially adapted F3

Billy Monger is a racer who lost his legs in a racing incident almost a year ago. After a social media campaign to rasie funds for the medical procedures, Billy got the attention of the entire motorsport community. He has since then returned to F3 racing in his modified Carlin racecar. It was good to see the spirted youngster put up a fast show of his skill and determination in front of the Goodwood crowd.

10) Even the lawn mower can do 150mph

The world’s fastest lawn mower powered by a Honda superbike engine also made a run up the hill. It’s just a shame that the heatwave in UK this year didn’t leave an opportunity for Honda Mean Power V2 to show it’s grass trimming skills.

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