There’s still time in the BP23 hypercar that will sit atop McLaren’s Ultimate Series as more of a road car than the Senna. But this here is a new chapter in the brand’s ‘Longtail’ series which are highlighted by more power, less weight and better aerodynamics. This ladies and gents is the new McLaren 600LT.

The original McLaren LT would have been the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail race car with the extended rear section and big wings, but the more recent LTs focus on providing a more engaging and dynamic driving experience while keeping the car road legal, like the 675LT Coupe and Spider, which makes this new one the fourth McLaren ever to get the Longtail or LT monicker.

The new 600LT is based on the 570S Coupe from McLaren’s Sports Series lineup, one that was already an incredibly quick car for its price. But this is substantially different even before we get to the aesthetic modifications. The familiar 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 gets updated and tuned to an output of 600PS (592bhp) and 620Nm, while the new parts make it lighter by 96kg weighing in as low as 1,247kg in full diet form. It actually is longer, by 74mm, with the new carbon-fibre bodywork that includes the new front splitter, side sills, extended diffuser and FIXED rear wing.


Underneath the new fixed rear wing lies the new exhaust system with top-exit pipes not far from the engine which not only gives it a distinct aesthetic appearance but also helps in substantial weight saving. All-in-all, this is exactly what a 570S Coupe would look like if I could modify it in NFS because this thing looks massively cool! Especially after the polarizing looks of the Senna, the new 600LT is a reassuring present from McLaren. Like when a rock band tries to do a slow ballad, which while quite excellent, is not what people expected and so the next track is a return to form with a new smash single to headbang to.

The interior is also quite minimalistic and ‘track-focussed’ with extensive use of lightweight Alcantara for the trim with splashes of carbon fibre. If a customer wants, he or she can also opt for the Super-Lightweight carbon fibre seats seen in the Senna in lieu of the standard carbon fibre racing seats from the P1. Get McLaren Special Operations involved and you can also have the 600LT with a carbon fibre roof and contrails and vented carbon fibre front fenders.


After many sessions in Gran Turismo Sport, we know that a track-focused car is about more than just adding power, reducing weight and more aerodynamics with big wings and vents. As important as those are, it is equally important if not more to upgrade the breaks, work on the suspension and choose the right kind of rubber to drive on. The new McLaren 600LT features the forged aluminium double-wishbone suspension and lightweight braking system from the Super Series cars (650, 720 etc.) along with quicker steering and sharper throttle and brake response. McLaren fits the 600LT with bespoke, track-focused Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres, about as close to slicks you can get while being allowed on public roads.

Like the 675LT Coupe and Spider, the 600LT will also be a limited production series with no final number given yet and will be hand-assembled at the McLaren factory in Woking, England. What do you think of the new McLaren 600LT? Is this the more usable McLaren track car you’ve been expecting? Or would you still rather have a Porsche or AMG GT R? Share your comments in the section below the gallery and don’t forget to subscribe to The Auto Loons for plenty more updates from the world of cool cars, F1 and Formula E.

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