The car that’s made plenty of buzz since it broke cover online more than a week ago is the latest iteration of the mid-engined Italian sportscar – Ferrari 488 Pista.

For those unfamiliar, Pista here is pronounced as Peesta, which is Italian for track. And this is the track-oriented version of the 488 GTB. Another ‘masterstroke’ when it comes to nomenclature from Maranello these days, especially considering that the people were expecting a 488 with the GTO badge instead.

The Pista follows the tradition Ferrari set when they introduced the 360 Challenge Stradale, followed by the 430 Scuderia and then the 458 Speciale. A track focussed version of the road going car, still road legal but lighter and with more power. This, however, uses the same 3.9-litre V8 twin-turbo from the regular 488 which makes it the first turbocharged Ferrari in that lineup. Speaking of engines, Ferrari has tuned this two-time Global Engine of the Year to now produce a whopping 711bhp with a dry weight of 1,280kg. That’s a power gain of 50bhp and a 90kg weight reduction thanks partly to the extensive use of carbon fibre.


Ferrari claims that the 488 Pista will do 0-100kph in 2.85 seconds and is capable of a top speed over 340kph, which is pretty frickin fast. But if all those internet videos and car shows have taught me anything about the V8 Ferraris is that they are as much about noise and character and agility, as performance figures. It’ll be cool to know what the turbocharged 488 Pista drives and sounds like once the media drives begin.

There are notable aerodynamic tweaks to the 488 like the S-vent on the bonnet, the squared off angles, added aggression and optional go-faster stripes. Other elements are road-friendly versions of the aerodynamic elements from the 488 GTE racecar like the front and rear diffuser designs to increase downforce by 20 per cent without the need for a large wing (though 30mm taller than standard and further back). There’s technology too in terms of the new, sixth-generation of Ferrari’s Side-Slip Angle Control system that will electronically apply the brakes to each wheel as needed to allow drivers to make the 488 Pista slide around merrily without necessarily crashing it.

While it’s rival at the show is the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991.2, its numbers put it more into the leagues of the McLaren 720S and the 911 GT2 RS. What do you think of the new Ferrari 488 Pista? Share your thoughts in the comments below the gallery.

Photos by Manufacturer

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