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F1 2018: Williams Racing FW41

The second team to unveil their design and livery for Formula 1 2018 is the Williams Racing team, revealed on 15th Feb. They have stuck to their Martini racing colours which is quite a handsome look for any racing car in any motorsport. They’ve kept the halo in white as well and it is the first Williams car to have been fully designed under the watchful eye of technical chief Paddy Lowe. We’ll be updating this article with more photos of it soon as we have them.

Williams has the youngest team on the grid this year after Massa’s final retirement from F1. They have retained Lance Stroll and signed Sergey Sirotkin to be his teammate for the 2018 season. Sergey the Russian was a test driver for Renault, but the engine here is still supplied by Mercedes. But the limelight goes to the continued anticipation for the return of Robert Kubica to F1. He is currently signed on as a reserve driver who will be making an appearance during FP1 for some of the races this season.

What do you think of the Williams FW41? What are your expectations from Lance Stroll and his new teammate, Sergey, for the 2018 season? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more cool content.

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