While the Red Bull teams were spotted with their testing liveries at Silverstone, it is Renault that is the next to unveil the full look of their F1 challenger for 2018 – the R.S.18.

The new livery uses an interesting balance of the ongoing black and yellow theme which gives it an even more futuristic look as compared to some of its rivals. The high number of sponsor stickers may put off a few but the overall look is not affected by them, particularly when it’s donned a set of soft compound tyres with yellow stripes as well. Here’s a better look at it in a few more angles:

Renault’s driver lineup changes had already been made near the end of the 2017 Formula One season, but with the introduction of the halo, it’s still a fresh learning curve for everyone. But with Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz behind the wheel, Renault is well on its way to take on Williams and Force India, provided they’ve sorted out the car’s reliability issues.

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