The undefeated champions of the hybrid era thus far unveiled their new contender in its new livery for the 2018 season earlier this week. The W09 EQ Power+ is built to be Mercedes’ most advanced car yet while like all of it’s rivals, the engine bits had to be seriously reworked with a focus on reliability and durability.

In terms of livery design, the car looks better without the sharkfin engine covers while the four prominent lines on each side are representative of the four F1 championships that the team has won so far. You can take a better look at the W09 EQ Power+ in the photos below:

Most formidable as the title-defenders, they are likely to have the best car on the grid with the strongest driver lineup as well. Lewis Hamilton will be gunning for wins in every race while his teammate Valtteri Bottas is expected to be even more competitive in his second season for the champion manufacturer.

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