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F1 2018: McLaren MCL33

Yes!! They’re still in it and so is Fernando Alonso. The McLaren F1 team must have a lot riding on this season having switched from the underpowered Honda engine to a hopefully more competitive Renault unit. As such, the new look is even more orangey than last years, which makes it one of the most striking looking cars on the grid this season. You can take a better look at the MCL33 in the photos below:

It’s the first time in the company’s 52-history, that their car will have a Renault engine in it which marks the start of a new chapter for the team. The chassis development has been strong getting praise from Alonso himself, but hopefully, the new unit will allow the Spaniard to compete further up the pack and finish the races too. It is an impressive feat from the McLaren engineers to have the car ready in time to house an all-new engine and have the respective bits like the gearbox and the suspension fit perfectly.

Stoffel Vandoorne will also be eager to showcase his skills behind the wheel of a reliable car this season, and it’ll be interesting to see how he fares.

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