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F1 2018: Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 C37

Yes, you read that right, Alfa Romeo is back in Formula 1!! The legendary Italian name comes with the Ferrari powered Sauber for the 2018 season. Unveiled on the heels of the uber cool Red Bull’s Special Edition testing livery, this is probably one of the best looking cars this year. Partly because of the Alfa red and partly for the aerodynamic look of the halo on the C37. Here’s a better look at it in a few more angles:

The power unit is a familiar one from Ferrari, including the engine, the 8-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox and the ERS too. The steering wheel has been developed by the Sauber F1 team itself while the suspension setup both at the front and the back is a double wishbone design with damper elements actuated by push-rods.

Marcus Ericcson stays on for Sauber while Wehrlein gets replaced by Ferrari’s F2 rookie sensation, Charles Leclerc. With all due respect to Ericcson, I’m really looking forward to what Leclerc can do in an F1 car so keep an eye out for the ridiculously good-looking Alfa Romeo Sauber C37, number 16 car this season.

Photo: [photograper]/LAT
ref: Digital Image _X4I3000

What do you think of the new livery? What do you make of Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula One? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more cool content.

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