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TVS Apache RR 310: Production-spec Akula finally arrives!

The Auto Loons rarely talk about bikes but some do capture our attention, for one reason or another. The TVS Akula, or the Apache RR 310 as it is now officially called, is one such bike. The reason being that at one point I myself was considering a handy, peppy 200cc-250cc bike and while the standard Honda CBR, Yamaha R3 and the much more budget-friendly KTM RC200 were on my list, the Akula had caught my eye at the 2016 Auto Expo in North India. No longer on the bike market,  but the TVS has still been on my radar for the potential it has and the fact that it kept getting delayed for some reason or the other. Now it’s finally here, and worthy of a closer look.

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Right away, I’ll admit that I am disappointed with the final look (pictures above for reference of Akula shown in 2016) for the bike and the changes made to the final production model for whatever reasons. I’m not happy with the name either. I understand that TVS has had plenty of success with the Apache model series, particularly the RTR 200, but I would have still much preferred the name ‘Akula’ over the ‘Apache RR 310’. If it’s your top-of-the-line performance bike, don’t make it sound like a serial number like the McLaren MP4-12C or like the mid-range Honda bikes CBR250R. These bikes are as much about the show as they are about peppy performance and saying “I have an Akula” is much better than saying “I have an Apache RR 310”. Fact.

Anyway, initial rant-reactions aside, let’s get into some of the specifications and details of the best bike TVS has launched till date. The Apache RR 310 has a 312cc single-cyl, 4-stroke liquid cooled engine from the BMW G 310R, which is tuned to produce a max output of 33.5bhp@9700rpm and 27.3Nm@7700rpm. The high-revving unit is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and TVS claims a top speed of 160kph with a 0-60kph time of 2.9 seconds on this 170kg bike.

TVS has used their years of racing experience to develop an all-new, light-weight trellis-frame chassis for better stiffness and handling. It’s also one of the first Indian bikes to have been designed using wind-tunnel testing for aerodynamic efficiency. It is a fully faired sports bike but has a riding position suitable for longer rides as well, according to those who have been able to ride the bike. The sporty vertical speedometer-cum-tachometer is quite unique in appearance for a bike in this class and reportedly displays 18 diagnostics.

The Apache RR310 gets Race Spec KYB Suspension, dual-channel ABS and Electronic Fuel Injection, all as standard while running of Michelin Sport Street Tyres. It has 300mm front petal discs in front and 240mm at the back for shedding speed. Launched in two colours – ‘Sinister Black’ and ‘Racing Red’ with go-faster stripes, the RR 310 does have a road presence with the LED twin projector headlamps adding to the supersport look. The clincher that will help this 312cc Indian-made sports bike succeed? Those looks and that performance are yours for just Rs. 2.05 lakh, ex-showroom. Also, when you do buy one, you can have the premium experience of visiting the TVS plant and watching your Apache RR 310 get built. It’s got me saving up for one, what do you think of the RR310? Share your thoughts in the comments below the gallery.

Images from manufacturer

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