Of the many concepts on display at this year’s Tokyo motor show, it was Subaru who had one of the coolest ones in our opinion: the VIZIV Performance Concept. There is even a GT version of this concept on the new Gran Turismo Sport game (stay tuned for video clips coming soon).

The concept draws on Subaru’s long-lasting legacy in racing especially the WRX make series, with a sharper and more muscular design. There is a generous helping of carbon-fibre on the bumpers, fenders and roof. The hawkeye headlights add to the aggressive look of the VIZIV Performance Concept with the 3D form of the front grille. No details yet about the cabin or the interiors, given that this was a show car, but we’re hoping that Subaru will share that soon.

There is no word on the powertrain for what might be the successor the WRX Saloon, but a boxer engine and an all-wheel-drive setup is a fair expectation. While Subaru has kept power figures near the 300bhp mark for some time now, if this car were ever to see the daylight of being a production spec, it would have to have to cross the 400bhp figure at least. What do you make of this protein-shake empowered Subaru concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Take a closer look at the Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept in the gallery below:


Photography: Manufacturer

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