Ken Block is a special kind of petrol head and is extremely talented in hooning around. Luckily, he is also really good at making a showcase of his skills and hooning madness for the rest of the world to enjoy. This time, he’s got his 1400bhp methanol-injected Hoonicorn V2 vaporising its tyres on the infamous Pikes Peak hillclimb. This is Climbkhana.


You can see the Block hooning death-defyingly close to the edges of the tarmac along sheer cliff faces. This 156-turn course is pretty much ‘Murica’s Nürburgring, only with much higher stakes should a driver get his entry speed a smidge wrong. But none of it seems to register with our man Ken. What an absolute legend.

Extra brownie points for those who can spot the throwback to Ari Vatanen’s legendary ‘Climb Dance’ Pikes Peak run back in 1988.

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