Here we have it folks! The last of the top manufacturers in the WRC, Citroën is returning to WRC full-time and have unveiled their 2017 edition C3 that will go up against the Hyundai, Ford and Volkswagen, and the returning warriors, Toyota. Let’s see what’s what.

You’d think we’d get tired of talking about the new regulations that allow for wingeir and more powerful cars, but we won’t. The new C3 too packs an aggressive aerodynamic setup, with a front splitter and winglets underneath the two-tier front lights. There is a massive tow-part rear wing for more downforce, and we think there is some clever engineering involved too besides it just looking cool.

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Under the hood, lies a four pot 1.6-litre turbo engine with direct injection which packs 380bhp of power, paired to a four-wheel drive transmission. It gets an active central differential, with plenty of suspension changes that’ll vary with the driving terrain.

The next season of WRC promises to be quite entertaining with new faster cars that will really put the drivers skills to the test. Team boss Yves Matton stated: “We have applied our unique expertise on these three points (more engine power, new aerodynamics, return of centrally-controlled differential), derived from our previous World Rally Cars and our recent experience in track racing. That has helped us to go quicker than we might otherwise have been able and above all, to go further in our thinking.”

Waiting for the first rally in Monte Carlo when we’ll get a clearer idea of which team has put together the best car and driver. Stay tuned!!

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