We’ve seen the new Hyundai i20, the new Fiesta, and now we have Toyota’s return to WRC scene with their Yaris, and it looks rather exciting.

Powered by a 1.6-litre turbo that will chuck out 380bhp of power with 425Nm of torque, the Yaris’ engine gets paired with a 6-speed sequential hydraulic shift. This rally Toyota was put together by a team led by Tommi Makinen himself. The four-time world championship stated that “The Yaris WRC is a well-designed car with incredible potential” and that he “can’t wait to see the results in racing conditions.”


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The new regulations of the WRC have allowed for some crazy aerodynamics, as seen with the Hyundai and the Ford, and this tricked out looking Yaris has clearly received the same treatment. Its got a huge rear wing, mean-looking aerodynamic vanes built into the rear bumper and pretty big wheelarch extensions.

Driving this extreme Yaris will be Esapekka Lappi and former VW driver, Jari-Matta Latvalla, thereby completing Toyota Gazoo’s all-finnish line-up.

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