Just last weekend, Florida played host as the venue for the Finali Mondiali, and here’s some on-board footage as the track-only LaFerrari FXXK does a few laps at Daytona.

Just listen (with headphones ideally) to that 6.3-litre V12 from Maranello roar to its heart’s content, it’s own 848bhp working in beautiful symphony with the 187bhp produced by the electric motor, and create brilliant speed.

To remind you of how special the Ferrari FXXK is, lets go over some of the facts around it. It is a limited-run, track-only hypercar for the top-of-the-top of Ferrari’s customer base that favors leading edge high performance over one-off vanity specials. Ferrari will, over the year, ship your FXXK to 8 events at famous tracks across Europe, Asia and North America, along with a full support team who will give you the download on what all YOU need to know.

In exchange for owning a car you won’t really get to show off? You get to drive it around, for R&D, just like the guy in that video. Cool, huh?

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