Taking advantage of the 2017 World Rally Championship’s revised regulations, the new Hyundai i20 rally car is faster, harder, wider, aaand, it’s wearing mismatched rims.

The new regulations offer the teams more aero freedom, ie, they can be 55mm wider, the front bumper overhang can be longer by 60mm and the rear can be increased by 30mm. The new cars will be lighter too, about 25kgs lighter. The coolest bit? Bigger rear wings. *grinning*


The changes in regulations aren’t limited just to aerodynamics, the engines are being allowed to breathe a little more too. In what sense? Well, the engine is still going to be a turbocharged 1.6-litre four cylinder, but with a small increase in turbo restrictor width (from 33mm to 36mm), the rally-ready i20 gets a jump in power, taking it from 330bhp to 370bhp.


Paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox, supplying power to all four wheels, in 2017 the drivers can adjust the torque distribution between the front and rear through a new active central differential. That should allow for greater speed through corners and even more sideways action.

Hyundai is the first to reveal their next season car, and with VW’s factory team out of the picture, interesting to see what the others will offer up, particularly the folks at Toyota. Stay tuned to the Auto Loons for more updates!


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