The Gran Tursimo series has been, and will hopefully continue to be, an awesome, realistic and comprehensive racing simulator built for the serious enthusiasts.

In the recently released information, the list of new graphical tech that the GT Sport will support leads us to believe that it could just be the most visually gratifying racing game till date. The leap to 4K is partly because of the recent launch of Sony’s PS4 Pro which is compatible with that graphic tech, along with HDR (High Dynamic Range).

There’s even a VR Tour mode for the new PlayStation VR headset! It’s just a slice of the full game, but we like the direction GT is taking. Annoyingly however, there still isn’t a confirmed release date for the Gran Turismo Sport, but till then, let’s watch this beautiful trailer again and again…

If we get a chance to play the game ourselves we’ll try and share some gameplay footage with you all. And if any of you get to play it, do share your feedback and maybe some in-game footage too! Thanks for reading!

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