The 10th Generation Honda Civic is coming out and its all that we hoped it would be!

Since the 7th generation of the Civic came out in the 90s, it has been an iconic sedan for a diverse groups of owners. From its pedigree Honda reliability and long life, to its styling and mod-friendly engine, this car has been many a man’s favorite sedan, including mine. Therefore the pain with the shut-down of each generation and the wait till the next one, and this one had to be good after the eighth one was no longer available in India. And yes, I know this ain’t news but I love this car, so of course I’m gonna talk about it.

When I saw the reveal pics of the 10th Gen Civic, I was at work, and I let out a squeal of joy that nearly got me in trouble for disturbing my colleagues. But at that point, I wasn’t sure when and if it’ll be coming to India, and what THAT version would look like. I still haven’t read confirmed reports of the new Civic coming here, but it almost definitely will, and its estimated to come in at the INR 15 Lacs price range with variants.

But, for now, we know that it looks more badass than the last one, its bigger, its lower, its better, and that’s just the stock model. The front of the car resonates with the theme of the reborn NSX, with the aggressive hood with angles and the bumper scoops. The rear looks like a bit Lamborgini inspired, so it looks pretty badass too.

resize-image (2)

The video reviews so far on YouTube say that it handles like a dream, with decent suspension for city and highway use, and I totally believe it does. There are two engine variants to choose from : a 2 litre engine with 158 bhp and a turbo-charged 1.5 litre engine that churns out 174 bhp. Both models are suggested to give practical fuel economy, with some saying that the AT gives more kmpl than the manual.

resize-image (3)

It also comes packed with awesome Honda tech, including Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control and Honda LaneWatch™. It also has the Honda Sensing™ technology which gives Collision Mitigation Braking System™(automatic stopping if it detects a possible collision), Road Departure Mitigation (warning the driver if he/she is leaving the road, useful for overnight driving when there are chances of the driver being sleepy behind the wheel and drifting off course), and Forward Collision Warning (alerts the driver of a possible collision ahead).

resize-image (1)

I don’t know when its gonna come to India, but I hope I get to take it for a spin when it does, and I’ll be sure to share the experience.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the article. Feel free to comment and share.

All images from the official website’s gallery.


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