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Dodge Previews Electric Future Of Muscle Cars With The Charger Daytona SRT Concept

The bastion of large and noisy engines continues to crumble. It was no secret that Dodge was working on an all-electric muscle car to carry the Charger name into the future. We’re now a step closer to that inevitability, previewed by the freshly unveiled Dodge Charger Dayton SRT Concept. This unmistakably Dodge creation dressed to […]

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Look out! It’s a 1,000hp Hellephant in a 1968 Dodge Super Charger: SEMA 2018

Ah, SEMA. The best tuner car show in the world for some of the most outrageous and most American car modifications imaginable. In its usual potion mix of awesome and terrible, we get some superb outcomes and this year was no different. Meet the scarily named Hellephant. That’s the name of the engine that powers […]

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5 Reasons Why I Love the Ford Mustang

Does a petrol head need a reason to love the physical manifestation of the wide open roads? The OG muscle car? The throaty roar of a big engine? The Ford Mustang? No. But until 2016, you couldn’t have one in right-hand-drive (i.e. markets like India), so now it’s a possibility worth considering. I was only […]

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The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: Maddest. ‘Vette. Yet.

The Corvette is cemented in automotive legend, for its presence, for its crudeness, for being a muscle car that is engineered to exude dominance. The ZR1 was always the most insane version of the ‘Vette, and after a long wait, Chevrolet have unveiled the latest and 9newest one. The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is the most […]